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thank God for the fine weather. although it was very hot & humid, at least we know that it was sunny. the moment we left the zoo, it was raining cats & dogs.

the animals are not as picture-worthy! my baby is! hahaha :0

it was an expensive safari hat! but papa said must buy or else it's too sunny for baby! see see, papa dotes on you so SO SO MUCH!


baby is 5 months, 2 weeks old now.

you drink about 5.5oz of milk each time, with occasions when you will only finish 4-4.5oz. each feed lasts 10mins. sometimes you will play with the teats. if this’s case, you’re not really hungry & you’ll leave lot of milk unconsumed. it’s about 5-6 feeds per day, 4 hours span.

u wake up around 7-8ish am each day, with popo already here. drink your milk, play with popo, poo-poo time. have a nice warm bath, then followed by a nap.  doesn’t really last long for this nap though.

then it’s your feed again. more story-telling, more play, more walk here walk there, followed by a nap. this is the longer nap which gives popo some break & mental rest. it can be really tiring to be singing & reading & playing all day long.

mama has weaned you off completely. no more ebm as supply has diminished almost to nil. a couple of leaks last weekend but that’s all. it’s 5 good months. hope it’s all good for you, baby!

after your long afternoon nap, it’s a mini wash-up & you’ll wait for papa & mama to be back home! how papa & mama always rush back home to see you!

popo leaves soon as papa & mama grabs a quick shower. we take turns to have our dinner. plays with you, sings with you, peek-a-boos, stories telling, puppets, soft toys, rolling, mirror mirror, areoplance, choo-choo train, etc etc. no hard or fast rule. just whatever comes along the way.

it’s really quick & short as time flies! it’s 8-ish+ & you’ll start to feel drowsy. mama made it a point to let u sleep before you are really tired, as cranky baby is really difficult to coax. it’s mama turn to coax u to sleep, with gentle night light, rocking, patting, singing, humming. of course you will struggle. but like what papa always says, it’s all about love & patience.

hopefully you’ll drift into slumberland.

papa & mama will do some quick personal stuff / admin / packing for next day, watch a bit of tv, catch up. you will occasionally whine & cry. go into the room & coax, rock, pat or carry. whichever soothes you. oh yah, & the saviour PACIFIER!

papa & mama will be real tired after a while. it’s bedtime for us too. mama will sneak in with any feed, in the hope that you will be in slumberland longer…

3ish+ or so, you’ll usually whine. it’s either pacifier or rock or sleep with us. papa is more patient. he usually goes to your rescue while mama is asleep. sometimes we take turns. it depends…

4-5ish, it’s you milk time. well, another feed & it’s the beginning of another work day for papa & mama.

on days when popo does not come here, we rise early to popo’s place. on other days, papa & mama will snooze a bit longer.

& the cycle repeats itself… till the weekend!

yummy yummy!


Posted on: April 13, 2010

i LOVE baby's tu-tu look ;p


this is baby's 2nd attempt in the high chair! she sat there for a long while! playing all by herself! good girl, baby 😉