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baby's first experience with the slide! thank you papa 🙂

what an interesting pose! it was a brief moment but mama was able to capture it!

a myriad of cutesy dresses & pinafores bought from mama to satisfy, who else, but her own desires! hahaha!

it's time to rest our tired feet & feel our growling stomachs! the topless bus was cooling & breezy! lovely!

baby was kinda apprehensive & skeptical initially but patient papa persevered & baby eventually LOVED the water!!! look how joyous her smiles were! gorgeous & priceless!

papa is always so adventurous & so spontaneous! if we have known earlier, mama wouldn't have made baby wore such warm clothing. baby even went topless at the outdoor podium! simply TOO HOT! PLUS a HOT BABE!!! hehehe ;p well, baby had a change-out! oh yah, baby was tired & fell asleep at the underwater gallery. but no prob, papa & mama just had to go round the travellator a few times! oh yeah!