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it’s baby 1st birthday today! oh my my! how time flies! it seems like yesterday that mama was pregnant with you! it’s really true that the days are long but the years are short! what words of wisdom!

instead of throwing a birthday party which are more for adults to show-off  (in papa & mama’s opinions), papa & mama chose to have a mini-celebration with family (the loved ones) and to have time spent with you, our darling precious!

popo prepared a FEAST for you, albeit you can’t eat them. but you can eat the mee-sua! yummy, isn’t it? popo was labouring hard the whole morning, just to prepare a celebration for you! popo really dotes on you SO So so muchie! baby, you must be good to popo, okie? her legs were aching but she still insisted to cook all the dishes for you. auntie ivy wasn’t around, sigh popo & gong gong had to wash up all the dishes & clean up the mess!

there were mee-sua to wish you longevity (i think), chicken drumstick (you had it when you were 4months old, remember) to wish you a prosperous life ahead, ang gu kueh, red eggs (popo made them & you had fun with the eggs, banging them together) and glutinous rice. there was a birthday cake for you too 🙂

next, we head down to universal studios!

hot, humid (HUMID) & sunny! thank God for the weather. baby was mixed in a mixture of sweat, saliva, grim… well, papa & mama were no good either. all soaking in perspiration!

thank God for the fine weather. a pity that it was really hot & humid. overheard someone saying that "everywhere is SOoooo HOT!"

baby, we hope you have a great day today! this is for you, have a VERY BLESSED BIRTHDAY, BABY!

we met so many interesting mascots! as usual, the enthusiastic mama would definitely be there to snap several pictures for memorial sake!

baby, you are now able to cruise! oh my my! you are cruising really well! your cheeky, mischievous look as you crept towards the tv, looking back at us to see if there was any signs of disapprovals & there you go, your finger went to switch on the tv!!!

and the remote controls, you are fast & nimble in crawling towards them & pointing them to the tv! press press press.

the pens on the coffee table were no good either. you love to cruise to them & doodle & PUT THEM INTO YOUR MOUTH! oh no no!

crawl to the refrigerator & play with those magnets. it’s amazing that it’s the little things that bring smiles to your face. how papa played “open the fridge door” with you & you started giggling! so adorable!

you start to show magnificent strength by pulling & toppling over chairs, mr giraffe, your toy boxes, & so many others.

you start to display your character by showing us your wants. pointing to things & making sounds to catch our attention. you favourite is still PAPA! he is top spot in your billboard chart. with papa around, there goes the superglue baby to papa! your pointing to mama to indicate that you want to play with toys in a PARTICULAR box only. wow! good communication!

you can speak a few words, the first one being PAPA! not sure if it’s mum mum or mama. well, mama will just take it as such & is contented! think you can say popo too 🙂 & the PERFECT, BALL BALL!

you can clap really well. whenever we say “clever girl”, baby is sure to clap, especially when you finished your milk each time.

you drink about 9oz of formula milk, 1-2 semi solids each day, 4hourly. you sleep through the night with your last feed just before mama turns in around midnight. you sleep at around 8pm each night and wake up really early about a quarter to 6. you nap 2 times a day, 1 long nap in the morning about 1.5hr to 2hr and 1 short nap in the afternoon about 45min to 1hr. on good days, you nap another short one in the late afternoon or late / early morning.

you are using advent milk bottles.

changing time is still a struggle as you do not like anything to go through your head. neither do you like to lie flat on your back while we change your diaper. always challenging. sigh…

bathing time is fun as you play with balls balls & duckie. however, rinsing hair is always a struggle as you don’t like water to go into your eyes. i think we have exhausted all the tricks we have on you!

baby, you can wave bye bye although it looks more like a “zhao cai mao” to us. you can do “flying kiss” although it always end with you putting your fingers into your mouth at the end of the kiss. you can do “high5” on good days.

your favourite tv show is high5 at 12.30pm on oktv.

you like to gai gai. everyone has to take turns to bring you around.

baby, this blog is for you. may you grow up to be a person who love & fear God, who do things that are pleasing in God’s sight. may God continue to grant His favour upon you, keeping watch of you & sending His angels to protect you.

baby, papa & mama loves you VERY Very very MUCHIE! HAVE A VERY BLESSED BIRTHDAY!


have i mentioned that i've fallen in love with the hamanugari baby carrier? it's such a cool design! i mean, literally, COOL! cooling, light-weight, compact & MOST of all, BABY LOVES IT! hip hip horay! here comes the baby-wearer mama! hands-free & a relief to mama's aching arms & back! whoever is the inventor, my heart-felt thanks to you! & baby has fallen asleep, for the FIRST time, in my arms, UPRIGHT! moment captured! oh yeah! thanks to papa 🙂

we had a MATCHING family outfit! nothing fantastic BUT it has the SAME colour tone! pretty cool for a family outing! & don't we love baby's smiles?

it's good to play with friends!

just in case anyone thinks that all is lovely dovely sweety pie. definitely NO! this is the reality in life! this happens & happens rather frequently. just that no one really publish anything that is not smiley or cutesey. well, this diary is for YOU, baby! so here you go. you look like this when you insist in YOUR OWN WAYS!

baby loves banana! took a HUGE bite into it! no no. too big for you. baby, you'll choke. slowly slowly...


sometimes, i feel injustice to the main caregiver, who is popo! it is popo who feed you both of the time everyday, followed by mama, then papa. however, papa has stolen all the limelight by appearing most in all the yummy moments! life's not fair!