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it was by sheer coincidence that we found this place! a wonderland - farglory ocean park! we spent half a day watching dolphins, sea animals, seals, taking photos with mascots, etc.


we reached jin yue xu hai which reminded us of flying fishing port in perth. as usual, we took some photos before sunset, then headed to town for dinner. not something to rave about but the serenity leisure were something we enjoyed. while baby turned in, we munched potato chips & sipped coffee under moonlight, enjoying the cool breeze.

woke up & took more photos, overlooking the mid-mountain view & enjoying the warm sunlight and taking perfect naturally lighted photographs. not sure where this is was but we left shan zhong chuan qi after a flies-infested-insufficient-leftover-porridge breakfast from the apologetic but full of praises hostess to a once japanese occupied quary at which landscape has been molded by the flowing waters for many years. actually, we've been here before but we couldn't recognise or re-trace some of our footsteps. the footpath inwards was nothing fantastic. felt cheated to have walked in vain.

we drove southwards to hua lien shi & checked into shan zhong chuan qi. made our trip downtown again & took some photos at the park, loitered around and relax a bit, went for wild boar meat although there were nothing much to boast about. quite disappointing. night falls and we sippped hot tea at the mid-mountain while baby turned in early..

we explored the farmstay at zhuang jiao suo zai a bit more in the morning, after a traditional porridge breakfast. we snapped lots of photographs of us feeding the ducks (the pecking at our hands were really ticklish), feeding the bunnies, being chased by the fierce goose, ... ... following which, off we travel southwards again while baby was napping away. along the way, we took some moments to stretch our legs and take more photographs.

we arrived at zhuang jiao suo zai which was a little farmstay. it's not exactly a conventional farmstay as many stuff were rather commercialized. we grabbed some nice photos before daylight disappeared. we skipped down to the nearby town for the night market. pigged ourselves with lots of yummy stuff (bing tang hu lu, beef chop, soya bean, beef soup, meat roll, ...) before we headed back & chill out outside the room while baby was in slumberland... ... phew, what a day!

the advantages of self-drive are definitely "you never know what you gonna expect". as we were driving southwards, we passed by lanyang museum. we had no idea what the building was but was simply attracted to the building architecture. we took a break at mr brown for a cuppa and a not-so-nice cake. there seems to be a port at the side and we saw many whale watching boats.