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found a really yummy taiwan nu beef noodles! we were happy! head down to kending & stayed in a rather commercialised homestay. however, the lady boss was very sweet to give us our battery charger when we left it at our previous accommodation! loitered around at kending in the evening. didn't really like it as the place was overly hyped and too touristy. next morning, we took some natural light photos of the homestay, followed by a visit to the nearby places of interest. saw chuanfan rock, & visited the southern-most part of kending - er ruan bi


went to the deserted chu lu ranch. not too sure if it was the chilly weather but there wasn't any crowd.

clearer photos of the day of burano! beautiful! yummy breakfast + affordable prices + good service = happy us 🙂

more of farglory followed by a cosy, lovely castle-looking homestay at burano. the host & hostess are lovely & their 'lil darling, wei wei too!

baby saying grace before meal time, although she was already caught munching before dad even started saying grace. i saw a glimpse of myself when dad combed the "curry pok" hairstyle for baby! i couldn't help giggling in fond memories and delight! what pure joy!

albeit it's blurness and messiness of 2 loose ribbons, this is TOTALLY adorable and i can't help but grin from ear to ear!

my darling lao eh & totally adorable junior 🙂