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added a teeny weeny of baby wailing. well, to reflect the ahem, reality. it’s not always cheekiness. but generally, you are still a lovable, cheerful AWESOME baby!

woke up & took more photos, overlooking the mid-mountain view & enjoying the warm sunlight and taking perfect naturally lighted photographs. not sure where this is was but we left shan zhong chuan qi after a flies-infested-insufficient-leftover-porridge breakfast from the apologetic but full of praises hostess to a once japanese occupied quary at which landscape has been molded by the flowing waters for many years. actually, we've been here before but we couldn't recognise or re-trace some of our footsteps. the footpath inwards was nothing fantastic. felt cheated to have walked in vain.

baby loves banana! took a HUGE bite into it! no no. too big for you. baby, you'll choke. slowly slowly...


thank God for the fine weather. although it was very hot & humid, at least we know that it was sunny. the moment we left the zoo, it was raining cats & dogs.

the animals are not as picture-worthy! my baby is! hahaha :0

it was an expensive safari hat! but papa said must buy or else it's too sunny for baby! see see, papa dotes on you so SO SO MUCH!