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birds’ nest. hehehe ;p



it’s my darling papa’s birthday! a HUGE drumstick for you all the way long from beijing crispy duck! we spent the day bashing through heaps & mountains of people at the forbidden palace!

baby's personality is blossoming!

here begins baby's initial steps towards independence! what a milestone!

day 11 was walk, walk & more walk. we walked a lot! to xing guang san yue bai huo (omgosh! there were SOOooo many people!) had the ah zhong mee sua & more walking. of course, papa was the hero & yet once again, the key person to carry baby throughout. mama wasn't really good. after a while & my white flag was up! & here comes papa to the rescue!

day 10 was basically spent gallivanting around taipei city. there were many people around. well, this was city life! the yummy pork chop was really delicious! sorry, don't have a nice photo of it as baby wasn't cooperative in looking at the camera. but definitely need to record this stall of long tradition. at night, we went strolling in the night market & finally had the hao ta ta chicken chop. darling said it's not as yummy as it used to be. guess the standard had declined. baby was tired & slept in my arms while i carried her in the hamanugari carrier. what a life-saver that was! credit goes to papa who carried her most of the times. i only carried her when she was sleeping as i'm more fleshy & nicer to sleep on. oh yah, did i mention that we took public transport at taipei? obviously need to as traffic was horrendous! & baby was super cheeky playing with the handles. baby, are you a boy or girl? "boy"!!!! faintz!

day 9 night at zhong shan night market was eye-opening with live prawns BBQ. quite cruel though but an eye-opener. the stall lady was very rude & the prawns were very expensive. so we didn't try any. i managed to concoct my yummy glutinous rice balls plus lots lots bouncy chewy stuff. actually, too much of a good thing is quite un-yummy. hehehe ;p stayed at this nice hotel at gaoxiong (see the previous blog entry) where we had brekkie at the area where the grand piano was located. we then took the gao tie to taipei! here comes shopping! took some photos of the just stay hotel. it seems to be a favourite hotel among my nationality but those extras were really irritating. everything was chargeable. very annoying.